NYC – Summer in the city

Veröffentlicht: Juni 6, 2011 in New York

Lets get a nice perspective of the city by „climbing“ the ROCK! If u see that u know right away – summer in the city and this is how we love The City Of all Cities the most. And I thought rather than starring up all the time…I fly like an eagle.

For those who don’t know how it feels to stand on the Rockefeller: The view from the top allows you a look over Central Park and down the city, it’s actually a 360 View. TOP OF THE ROCK…we know it’s the most famous skyline! Aber so’n  Hammer, es ist und bleibt schlicht und ergreifend atemberaubend!! Thousand’s of buildings I mean biiiigg, big impressive skyscrapers, one bigger than the other, the Brooklyn Bridge, Queensborough Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge (there are more…), the Hudson River…..(maaan why don’t you check the pics that I share with you below). I really love it and what I love most about it is the fact, that there is always something to discover, many clubs, countless bars and lounges, and everyday U get to know nu‘ people out there – how can someone get bored in a City like New York. Really ? Its Impossible. And now that it’s summertime I would love to drive through the city, will see if I’ll take the chance, but I definitely will make a bike- tour to enjoy the sunny, nice and warm days….let’s ride all day long plus a nice picknick, yeah why not. Anybody down ? I just realized that in New York you still find areas that you’ve passed a million times but once you walk through them it’s a whole different story….. , you don’t even have to drive all out there. I used to live on 88th/ Lexington Avenue, Upper East Side. Central Park is 2 blocks away, there are nice sportsbars between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. So mostly it’s right in front of our nose: Enjoy every moment!

  1. MC Winkel sagt:

    Schon Fernweh, Holmes?! 🙂

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