Mark Olan’s NYC Journal – Die Erste (8 Pics)

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 8, 2011 in New York, Urbanism
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New York City is inspirational. Sometimes I realize it has affected me in ways that I wasn’t aware of initially. For instance, all the good human beings that I have become friends with, we have definitely shared the funniest time ever….

The models, the musicians, the comedians, the dancers, the colleagues and co-workers, the old Kolping guys, … it’s fantastic. Ultimately, I suppose anywhere we reside clearly affects us whether we know it or not. I know that for me, I absorb things when I can find that space in NY like the undisturbed rooftop high up somewhere, or the quieter looping blocks way West in the village, or that favorite spot in central park that seems to be less populated, that holds the silence I crave for here and there. (Even it was my my goal to live life in seclusion, yeah I know what your thinking, NEW YORK??? Mark Olan, wie willste das denn machen?! But it worked out for a moment) . And yet, even as I search for these places, I can still hear and sense the energy that sits right behind them. And anytime you want to jump back in, it’s right there. That moment is when I can feel I’m moving along with NY and that NY type of solitude is usually when everyting else ripens. The „TRUE YOU“, relationships, your work ethic…I can tell ya, NEW YORK is the city of all cities baby!

Almost everybody would say something similar or at least the words about New York feel very close to my relationship with the city and I would like to probe further into it, but I guess we wait until I come back with Mark Olan’s NYC Journal 2.

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  1. MC Winkel sagt:

    Geil, Homie. Schöne Serie, freue mich auf weitere Teile!

  2. Da hat sich einiges angesammelt 😉 ..ja da kommt bald mehr.

  3. magikkz sagt:

    Diese Pics machen die Megacity noch geiler! I want more…

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