Ryan Leslie | Good Girl – New Music Video

Veröffentlicht: Dezember 26, 2011 in Music

Da haben wir Ryan Leslie endlich wieder mit ’nen neuem Joint des Visual Albums: Les is More. Das R-Les mein Favorite ist, dürfte inzwischen allen bekannt sein. Das ist das dritte Video seiner Serie, die aus 10 Musik Videos besteht, welche nach und nach den Fans offenbart wird! Und zu seiner Musik muss ich nichts sagen, mir ist egal ob er rapt oder singt, das Arrangement seiner Lieder ist unverwechselbar und er steigt von Mal zu Mal aufs nächste Level – Richtung Zenit. Ich weiss nicht wie viele Lieder wir auf dem Album zu hören bekommen, aber es hat den Anschein, dass fast jeder Song visualisiert wird, durch selbst produzierte Videos. Wahnsinn, der Typ ist Killer und on top of the game.

* The third in a series of 10 videos making up the „LES IS MORE“ visual album. „5 Minute Freshen Up“ , „Dress You To Undress You“ , and „Swiss Francs“ are scheduled to be released in January, February , and March respectively.

  1. See what Mr. Leslie has to say | In his own words:
    Mannnnnnn!!! I love all the comments on „Good Girl“. As fans I know you want what YOU think is best for me. Fact is: only one that knows what’s best for me is ME and that’s based on what I feel. I’ll be responsible for my decisions artistically and personally. I may lose some of you. That’s natural. On this album I’m giving you a window into my life. It’s crazy. Nightlife + being independent is a cash business – hence the stacks. At the same time it allows me to do what I feel with no restrictions. That means I will not allow opinions to restrict me to any lane. That means I can make a simple beat with an 808 and write a note of appreciation for a girl that’s held me down and make a video and post it. You can tune out and keep it moving but I won’t be stopping anytime soon!! Regardless, this song is for you guys too: „Same time next year – I’ll be hoping that you’re still here – doing a little better than you did this year!!!!!“ That’s my wish for all of you who ride with me. Hope you’re still around next year and you’re doing better than you did this year. Truth is, if I lost all of my fans tomorrow – if everyone tuned out – I’m lucky that I love music enough to keep making it and as long as there’s a way to share it, I’ll be sharing it too. LOVE YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

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