Extreme Parkour | STORROR: „Lisbon Has Us Now“ (Clip + Trailer Team Storror)

Veröffentlicht: Februar 26, 2012 in Cool Stuff, Erlebnis, Kurzfilme/cool story, Urban Culture, Urbanism, Video
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* Storror travelled to Lisbon to train with a bunch of other traceurs from all over Europe. Huge thanks to RedBull Portgual and Luís Alkmim for hosting the Fight Club 2012. Featuring: Storror, Line Team Traceurs, Breaking Air, Speeders, Free-Z, World’s Parkour Family, Born to Trace, Galizian Urban Project, Free Fly Trickers, Escalade Parkour. Edited by Toby Segar.

* The quality of parkour teams consistently get stronger at a younger and younger age. Team Storror has just hit the scene, torn it apart, and then put it back together in their own image. Their introductory video, WE ARE STORROR, exemplifies their massive skills. Flips, tricks, and what looks like a double kong over a 12 foot gap, Storror is the real deal. Their members are: Drew Taylor, Toby Segar, Sacha Powell, Callum Powell, Steven Whitley, Max Cave. Benj Cave:


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  2. Lineya sagt:

    Really impressing stuff! These guys are insane. 🙂

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