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Rail movements in Holland

* With advances in technology, we’re constantly able to see things as we never have before, whether they be satellite images showing us the beauty of earth from space or, like the animation below, raw data visualized into beguiling patterns. Their work includes the BBC series Britain From Above, Germany From Above, and their latest project Netherlands From Above, which took over two years to research.

Movement of new residents vs. old residents in Rotterdam

* Dutch public TV producer / broadcaster VPRO first approached 422 South in December 2010. A year later, the first fruits of the collaboration between the Bristol based vis FX house and their Amsterdam client are hitting Dutch TV screens – to considerable acclaim. 422 South had come to the attention of VPRO producer Jasper Koning as a result of their groundbreaking data visualization work for the BBC’s Britain from Above (Lion TV) and subsequently for two series of Germany from Above for public broadcaster ZDF.

Netherlands From Above


Dropping in on Oscar:
* For Pharrell Williams, Music and Fashion Go Hand-in-Glove! The singer, songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams, 38, is a music consultant, along with Hans Zimmer, for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Mr. Williams was a founder of the fashion lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. A native of Virginia Beach, he now lives in Miami.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15 In Miami, it’s usually warm, but I’m mostly indoors. I started off my day wearing a Billionaire Boys Club white crew neck T-shirt, blue denim jeans and SpongeBob SquarePants toe socks. I love SpongeBob; I just think he’s funny. Squidward is my favorite, though. If he was a human, I would hang out with him. I had a photo shoot scheduled with my good friend Nigo for his brand Human Made and we decided to have the shoot at my apartment. I modeled a lot of the clothes, which pay homage to the very early Levi’s cuts, and ended up really loving these striped shorts. They were simple but the fit was awesome. I tried to take it from Nigo, but he said he needed it.

After the shoot, I headed to the studio to meet up with Diplo. Kept on the jeans and changed into a blue flannel shirt, black N.E.R.D. logo skullcap and my custom Timberland six-inch black leather boots. I drew on the boots with white and red Sharpie paint pens. It’s a bit American mall rat- and punk-influenced: some cartoon graphics and a small Chanel CC logo. After, I stopped by one of my favorite stores in Miami, the Webster. The owners have great taste and they carry Chanel. I’m a really big fan.

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Wenn der morderne Quincy Jones mit Namen Pharrell Williams sich dazu entscheidet, Möbel zu entwerfen, würde das ungefähr so aussehen.
Ein Mann, eine Stilikone, die Visionen verfolgt und laufend Neue entwirft. Pharrells Wissenshunger scheint faszinierend, gar ungebrochen, denn der Trend settende Musiker lässt wahrhaftig nichts unversucht, auch nicht auf dem Gebiet des Möbeldesigns, genau wie homeboy Lenny Kravitz. Wie auch seine Shirts und Hats im Billionaires Boys Club Flagship Store ist sein Design mit einer großen Portion Stilbewusstsein vor allem spielerisch-kreativ. In seinem neuestem Schrei aus einer Kooperation mit dem Pariser Möbeldesigner Perrotin spiegelt sich neben Pharrells Inspiration von kriegerischen Motiven alles weitere wider, ganz besonders das gewisse Etwas: Swing in den Formen seiner Stühle, seine Ungezwungenheit in Sachen Ästhetik – etwa seinem Tokyo-Faible entsprechend – und der krassen Farbenvielfalt. Und zu guter letzt sei auch noch gesagt, dass der Typ sogar unseren Geschmackssinn auf der Zungenspitze unterwandert, denn So Schmeckt sein smoother Partydrink „Qream“. Der ist aber eher aufs weibliche Publikum ausgerichtet.

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