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Ich habe jetzt schon viele Weltraumaufnahmen gesehen, einige echt gute, andere wieder eher schlechter. Die Serie von André Kuipers ist zugegebenermaßen echt gelungen. Mit seiner Nikon D3S und D2Xs hat er uns wunderschöne Aufnahmen geliefert – der gut Mann ist noch eine kurze Weile dort oben, mal sehen was noch kommt, aber erstmal die hier:

Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who is currently on a expedition on the International Space Station ISS, shares his incredible photography from space. More than just landscape photography, Kuipers lends the rest of us still on our home planet his incredible perspective from 400 kilometers above the Earth.


* Amsterdam-based design studio Denieuwegeneratie have put together a rather incredible woodland villa that they call Dutch Mountain. The house is nestled on/in a manmade hill designed to help with insulation around certain parts of the abode. In addition to having a lovely exterior appearance, the inside is something to marvel at, too, especially the automobile bookshelf shown in the gallery.

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Rail movements in Holland

* With advances in technology, we’re constantly able to see things as we never have before, whether they be satellite images showing us the beauty of earth from space or, like the animation below, raw data visualized into beguiling patterns. Their work includes the BBC series Britain From Above, Germany From Above, and their latest project Netherlands From Above, which took over two years to research.

Movement of new residents vs. old residents in Rotterdam

* Dutch public TV producer / broadcaster VPRO first approached 422 South in December 2010. A year later, the first fruits of the collaboration between the Bristol based vis FX house and their Amsterdam client are hitting Dutch TV screens – to considerable acclaim. 422 South had come to the attention of VPRO producer Jasper Koning as a result of their groundbreaking data visualization work for the BBC’s Britain from Above (Lion TV) and subsequently for two series of Germany from Above for public broadcaster ZDF.

Netherlands From Above


Der holländische Jungkünstler Thijme Termaat hat kreativ gesehen richtig viel drauf. Aber auch in der Eigeninszenierung muss er nicht wirklich viel dazu lernen. In I Paint zeigt er uns in bester Stopmotion-Timelapse-Manier die Entstehung seiner diversen Werke. Bin begeistert beim Zuschauen seiner Malkünste…

* We experience the world from our own perspective. That’s why the young dutch paintor Thijme Termaat’s not coming up with a complicated story for this project, but I will leave the interpretation entirely up to you. I know but one single truth: Nothing is really true. That is our show… All the paintings in my short film are one collection together. And this collection is far from finished. At the end of this year I will have completed the paintings and exhibit them in a place undecided yet.